Spinal Care Workshop - OKI DO Yoga

The 29 Spinal Care Exercises - A combination of movement and breath to increase circulation of energy, nerve synapses and blood circulation around the body. Developed by Masahiro Oki and Shizuto Masanuga.

Benefits: Improve blood circulation, alleviates symptoms of anxiety, reduces muscle tension in shoulders, improve flexibility and mobility of the spine.

The Sciatic Runway

Relieve sciatic pain. Learn about the Sciatic Nerve and corresponding muscles. What aggravates, what relieves the sciatic nerve?

Unlock Your Psoas

The Psoas muscle is a deep-seated core muscle in the pelvis connecting the lumbar vertebrae and femur. Symptoms of a shortened, weak or tight psoas include:

• Lumbar lordosis (sway back)

• Shallow breathing

• Lower back pain

Find out how sedentary activities, stress or anxiety can affect this muscle.

Inspired to Draw

Improve your drawing skills. For beginners or experienced artists who would like to improve their drawing skills.
Topics covered will include:
• Contour Drawing Techniques
• Negative space verse positive space
• Portraiture

• Right and left hemispheres of the brain.


A workshop designed for fun yoga games and art. Commences with Yoga games, Yoga Vinyasa and meditation. And includes an art class.

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