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Finding Stillness is a resource-rich e-book that is tailored to help settle children, calm their mind, and assist them to access their own inner peace. The exercises and teamwork activities within are designed to develop awareness within each child and between children. In deepening the children's relationship to self and others through wholesome participation, children naturally cultivate an attitude of collaboration and connection rather than competitiveness and division. This resource then assists and supports teachers and parents to guide children through a range of somatic/embodiment exercises that direct them to the stillness within, even while they are engaging creatively with other children.

Designed to both educate and inspire, Finding Stillness is interactive and can be plugged into iPads and electronic whiteboards in the classroom. The yoga nidra and other meditation practices within are recorded over a background of nature sounds, tailored to each exercise. As the children are guided to foster their listening skills, so too do they naturally begin to cultivate an awareness of their connection to nature and their breath. Each of these meditations further holds a kernel of truth within: a specific message aimed to empower and educate children in the art of finding stillness. Armed with these teaching tools, parents and teachers can either simply sit back and press play, or lead by example and practise the inspiring yoga and meditations alongside the children and reap the benefits too!

Yoga Teacher Fiona Scope demonstrates the power of such collaborations in the creation of this e-book with her 10-year-old daughter Emelia who evidences the deep listening and creativity she has cultivated from the practices shared within through her visually captivating and fitting illustrations. The author’s own extensive background in yoga, meditation and art both canvas a professional resource and provide the tools to inspire and empower children to excel in these areas.

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