Zen Shiatsu

Wellness Centre Port Stephens


Zen Shiatsu is powerful Japanese acupressure technique addressing physical and emotional imbalances within the body. Energy (Qi) can be moved along the meridians of the body, strengthening your immune system and enhancing wellbeing…ideal for many health issues including digestion; back, shoulder or neck pain; chronic fatigue and much more…

What to expect:

Wear comfortable loose clothing that allows the therapist to use thumb pressure, palm pressure or manipulate your limbs into stretches.

Why not give it a try?

Zen Shiatsu improves the flow of Qi (energy) within your meridians creating equilibrium in your body.

Holistic Insights: the emotional and psychological affects on the body can also be looked at.

Remedial & Sports Therapy

Wellness Centre Port Stephens


Deep Tissue kneading, knuckling, elbowing, Tuina, Acupressure to relieve muscular pain. Ideal for sport injury, neck and shoulder pain. Benefits • Stimulation of circulation allowing toxins in the muscles to be removed; • Calming the nervous system to ease pain and discomfort; • Toning and relaxing of muscle tissue to improve joint mobility. • An improvement cell health and restoration, repairing muscle tissue. Health Fund Rebates available.

Pregnancy Massage

Wellness Centre Port Stephens


Nurturing touch through mid and post pregnancy helps improve circulation, lymphatic movement, balances hormones and assists in overall feeling of wellbeing. Connect with baby and your maternal instincts. Health Fund Rebates Available.

Hot Stone Therapy

Wellness Centre Port Stephens


Hot Stone Therapy (not available in the hotter months of Summer – December, January and February). A relaxing deep tissue treatment. Heat penetrates muscle tissue increasing circulation, reducing muscle contraction and soothes the parasympathetic nervous system. A therapy originally by Native American Indians to soothe tired, aching muscles. Hot Stones are used during massage treatment and placed on points on the back. Once the stones are removed the therapist applies deep tissue techniques to restore muscle tissue and relaxation.

Hot Stone massage is not appropriate if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or blood thinning medication. Hot stone massage is also not recommended if you are pregnant or have sunburn.

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