An ancient self-watering system developed to water food crops in arid areas. Bury your Olla Pot, leaving the rim showing, fill with water. The clay walls are porous, therefore the water will slowly seep into the soil maintaining moisture for your veges, herbs or container plants. Conserve water and try this eco-friendly Olla Pot.


The Olla Pot shown holds 1.5L, a 50L terracotta pot has been filled with organic soil, the Olla Pot buried at the centre, lettuce, tomato, marigold, coriander, strawberry  and basil are planted around the Olla Pot and mulched. Refill the Olla Pot every 10 to 14 days. The plants only take the moisture needed to grow, hence a very efficient water conservation system for your vege patch or terracotta tubs.

Olla Pot (Small 1.5L)

  • This product is made by hand in Australia. For bulk orders contact Vespa Pottery to discuss produciton time and delivery. Discounts available on bulk orders.

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