Fiona Scope, BCAH(Visual Art), Dip. Hatha Yoga, Dip. RMT, Dip Adv.

Stillness Meditations Online

Commune with Mother Nature in this series of calming and relaxing meditations.



Meditation album:

Finding Stillness

by Fiona Scope

10 x Meditation Tracks
1 x bonus Yoga Nidra

When you purchase the 'Finding Stillness' album

proceeds go to Meditation Research as a Mind Tool for Health and Wellbeing.

Fiona Scope is a Post Graduate student studying at the University of Newcastle. Proceeds from her album 'Finding Stillness' will fund a comprehensive and analytical study of meditation using the latest neuro-technology innovations.

Included in the album is a Yoga Nidra bonus track, play the Yoga Nidra first and then choose one meditation track. Allow 10 minutes. Choose a different meditation each week. The 'Finding Stillness' meditation tracks were written on location in NSW World Heritage rainforest settings and provide an enriched, descriptive journey into Mother Nature.

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