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Today I will change my shape (sound bite) - Fiona Scope
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Sound bites
from the e-book
'Finding Stillness',
written by Fiona Scope

Today I am a dew drop (sound bite) - Fiona Scope
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Finding Stillness
An interactive e-book by Hatha Yoga Teacher Fiona Scope

‘Finding Stillness’ through movement and meditation is an interactive e-book designed as a teacher’s or parent's resource. Complete with 10 inspirational classes, class diagrams, audio meditations and a yoga nidra. The aim of the e-book is to ‘help our children find stillness’ through movement, understanding the body and listening to gentle nurturing meditations guided by Mother Nature.

'Finding Stillness’ has taken Fiona and Emelia on a 12 month journey to bring yoga, art and meditation to children in the classroom. The illustrations for each meditation were completed by Emelia, 10 years of age. Each meditation has been recorded by sound engineer Geoff Hook and mixed with the sounds of nature.

Download the ebook to your ipad, use for inspirational movement, read a meditation or listen to the recordings. Designed to settle children in the classroom to settling a child at home ready for sleep.

Now available in the i-tunes store: 'Finding Stillness' by Fiona Scope