Mindful Movement and Meditation

Helping our children find ‘stillness’… Are we filling our minds to a point of non-attention, lack of awareness and as though time has no consequence? In Zen Buddhism there is a philosophy ’If you’re mind is like an over-full cup… to learn about Zen you must first empty your cup… ’ Mindfulness in movement and meditation can improve cognitive flexibility; stimulate memory recall; sustain focus; regulate emotion and create well-being. A study on ‘Mindfulness – Oriented Meditation for Primary School Children explored the affects of meditation on ‘attention and psychological well-being’ . A group of psychologists Cresentini, Capurso, Furlan, and Fabbro, concluded ‘Mindfulness is an attribute o

Recommended Mindful Meditation

​​ Finding Stillness is a resource-rich e-book that is tailored to help settle children, calm their mind, and assist them to access their own inner peace. The exercises and teamwork activities within are designed to develop awareness within each child and between children. In deepening the children's relationship to self and others through wholesome participation, children naturally cultivate an attitude of collaboration and connection rather than competitiveness and division. This resource then assists and supports teachers and parents to guide children through a range of somatic/embodiment exercises that direct them to the stillness within, even while they are engaging creatively with othe

Combining Yoga, Art and Cooking to create Yogart

Yogart is becoming a popular event during the School Holidays @ Soul Art Yoga. The last Yogart event was held during the April School Holidays where children played Fun Yoga games, participated in watercolour painting and pastel drawing. Children chose to draw anything from a gecko lizard to flowers in a pot. Children created their own home-made pizzas with fresh salad and hommus. The day ended with a little chanting and meditation. Yogart is a combination of Yoga, Art and Cooking for Children. Yogart is a program developed by Fiona Scope and will now be offered in Nelson Bay. Bookings essential. Contact Fiona 0434 064423.

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